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Out of This World:
An Alien Girl Dating Simulator

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Artificial Intelligence Navigation Automaton, or AINA, is the ship's navigator. While she may be a robot, inside her lies the heart of a human.


Amber is the ship's medic who is always coming up with new medicines to help her crew! She may be clumsy and a bit air-headed, but she's a sweet girl who is doing her best!


Isley is an Astera, a flowering humanoid alien. She is prickly and tough, but perhaps you can melt her heart!


Jam is known as a Shifter, an alien who can take many forms due to their gelatinous nature. She works at a bar and is rather flirtatious.


Lumira is a Phanos, a fish-like huamnoid creature. You  can often catch her at the concert hall practicing with her band (even though she has bad stage fright!)